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The National Police Memorial and the Police Federation of Australia will ensure that it acts within the Privacy Act (1988), (1998) and any subsequent amendments to that Act (Cth) (‘the Privacy
Act’). This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with the Privacy Act.

Privacy and the protection of confidential information is a serious issue and one of which all
staff need to be aware. Failure to do so can have legal ramifications.

Employees, delegates and Executive members also need to be aware that confidentiality still applies
outside of working hours. Confidential information learned whilst working should not be divulged at
any time, including while off duty, without the prior permission of the CEO or President, as applicable.

The Police Federation of Australia is the national body to which all members of State and Territory
Police Union / Association members belong by virtue of their home jurisdiction membership.

Although the Federation represents these members at a national level, the membership databases
are contained only within each of the Branches and the Federation does not have access at any time
to that information.

The Federation is obliged to gather and provide information relating to it’s “officers” (Federal Council
Delegates). From time to time, that information is provided to both the Registered Organisations
Commission (ROC) as required in the Annual Return of Information and also to the Australian
Electoral Commission in relation to the “Roll of Voters” for annual elections.
The information that is gathered in both instances includes the following:

  • first name;
  • surname;
  • address (Police Association / Union postal address only); and
  • email address (either Police Association / Union or police service work address only);

No personal information is gathered or stored by the Federation.

During the course of normal business, the Federation will make business travel arrangements on
behalf of Executive or Committee members. In these instances, only the name and, if applicable,
frequent flyer membership numbers are provided to the Corporate Travel agency.

Website Privacy

This website is managed by Police Federation Australia. We take our obligation to protect privacy seriously. The Privacy Act 1988 is the key law designed to protect your rights and prevent misuse of your personal information.

You can generally visit this site without telling us who you are, unless you choose to provide such information. This website was designed not to require personal information, however we might collect personal information for you when you visit this site, and you provide your personal details to us.

This website contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the content and privacy practices of other websites and we encourage you to read each sites privacy policy.

Site visit data

A record of each visit to our website is logged.
Information is stored for statistical purposes and is used by us to monitor the use of the site and better manage content to make the site more useful. Information we log when you access our website includes:

  • your IP or server address
  • the date and time of visit
  • pages accessed during that visit
  • web browser and version type used
  • time take to transmit information
  • the internet address referred to this website

This information is collected to analyse and manage website bottlenecks, broken pages and other problems. We may also use anonymised information to identify demographics, device types used, locations to better understand user preferences.


We use cookies for maintaining contact with a user through a website session. Cookies allow us to recognised sessions from browsers as they visit our website.

Should you wish to discuss this policy further, or you require any additional information, please
contact the CEO via email at [email protected]