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Family members of New South Wales Police Force employees are entitled to family support. This is generally considered as those who live in the same household as the employee, as well as, children, parents and family members who are also NSW Police Force employees.

The Family Support Coordinator provides a short-term information, advice and referral service, that supports family members, including but not limited to those of ill and injured NSW Police Force employees.

The Family Support Coordinator works in partnership and collaboration with other internal and external supports to help build resilience, improve social connections, supports and coping skills of families.

It is important to note that the Family Support Coordinator does not provide counselling or advice in relation to individual circumstances, more so, is responsible for gathering information, the provision of practical help and advice, and outlining processes,  to ensure that families have the knowledge and opportunity to be linked into services and resources.

Family members can contact the Family Support Coordinator within normal business hours via the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 or by emailing [email protected]

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