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USC’s Thompson Institute is a world-class hub for research, teaching and clinical services for Australia’s most pressing mental health issues.

Our work is focused around four central themes:

  1. Clinical services provision
  2. Advocacyf or patients and their carers
  3. Conducting ground breaking translational Research
  4. Education and teaching

This integrated CARE model – the first of its kind in Australia – puts us at the forefront of research for some of Australia’s most pressing mental health issues, including dementia, suicide prevention, post-traumatic stress disorder and youth mental health.

The Thompson Institute is named after local philanthropists Roy and Nola Thompson, who donated A$7 million to building the project in 2015, followed by a further A$3.6 million for MRI imaging equipment.

In 2017, the Australian Government allocated $5 million to help the Thompson Institute create clinical treatment programs to improve youth mental health and support suicide prevention.

Our Director, Professor Jim Lagopoulos, has been involved with neuroimaging research for more than 20 years.

Integrating mental health and neurological research, teaching and clinical services.

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