As we move through life we often experience a series of ups and downs interspersed with times where all is well. There can be highs but there can also be lows. This is why it is so important to nurture ourselves and keep track of what’s important regarding family and social connection as well as caring for our health and wellbeing.

When challenges occur there are often choices we make either subconsciously or with conscious intent which may impact our resilience and how we bounce back from difficult times. Finding ways of helping ourselves overcome these challenges and taking responsibility for our health and wellbeing may assist with improving the situation and reinstating a sense of balance and hope for the future.

How we can support ourselves

Social connection, family support and finding ways to improve your knowledge around difficult issues or concerns may assist with taking back control and finding ways to improve the situation. Finding a network of people who have a lived or living experience similar to the challenges you face can also help with impowering you to reach your goals and learn more about what helps and what paths are available to improving life style balance.

Nurturing ourselves is often an area we tend to neglect when things don’t go well however nutritious food can make all the difference.

Food which is grown organically, locally sourced, cooked slowly and consists of whole foods rather than packaged or processed foods is recommended. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding carbonated or sweetened soft drinks is another way to increase your hydration and overall physical health.

Activities that bring you into the present moment will relieve times where you may experience distressing thoughts of the past or fears of what the future holds. Activities such as exercise, sports, yoga, painting, horse riding, gardening or playing an instrument are examples of ways to relieve the worried mind.

Meditation tools
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Writing a journal is another way of releasing thoughts and sitting with feelings whilst tracking your health and wellbeing. It’s also a way of monitoring your exercise or tracking unhelpful habits such as drinking excess alcohol which may be a way of numbing distressing thoughts and feelings, gambling or increases in risky behaviours or activities that are out of character.

Self help strategies are also a great way of implementing supplementary support when working with your health care professional.