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Michelle Robertson has been practicing psychology since 2003, she is a Registered Clinical Psychologist, a Member of the Australian Psychological Society’s College of Clinical Psychologists, and a registered Medicare provider to provide specialist clinical psychology services and rebates at a higher rate.

Michelle has been drawn to the field of psychology since her final year of high school, having always been curious about people, a logical thinker and a problem solver. She initially started as a Youth Worker, moving into senior roles and managerial work until being employed in a Private Practice in 2005. From 2009 onwards, Michelle has worked for herself in Private Practice and relocated to Clarity House in November 2016 as a means to continue on her path of independence.

Michelle has many personal qualities and qualifications that make her the psychologist that she is – being curious, investigative, logical, practical, empathetic, friendly, positive, hopeful, having the ability to understand many perspectives, values, likes and connects with people easily, has life experience, and is able to see the positives and strengths within everyone.

Furthermore, her professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma in Social Science, Graduate Diploma in Psychology, and a Masters in Psychology (Clinical), and over the years of her work she has developed and gained experience in the following areas:

  • both organisational and clinical psychology
  • the treatment of trauma, anxiety, depression and other psychological conditions
  • relationship counselling
  • management
  • career development
  • problem solving
  • goal setting
  • development of personal identity and life balance and satisfaction – personal goal setting and achievement and,
  • employee assistance counselling and related interventions


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