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All Australian Police jurisdictions have Police Unions who provide Industrial Relations, Financial and in some state’s welfare and mental health support and services. Assistance for issues relating to workers compensation, legal matters, necessitous circumstances, and career transition may also be available through your state union. Associate membership for former officers is another way to stay connected to support and services post policing

Unions & Associations

• PFA: The Police Federation of Australia


• PASA: Police Association of South Australia

• NTPA: Northern Territory Police Association

• QPU: Queensland Police Union

• QPCOUE: Queensland Police Commissioned Officers Union

• WAPU: Western Australian Police Union

• PAT: Police Association of Tasmania

• TPAV: The Police Association of Victoria

• PANSW: Police Association of New South Wales

• AFPA: The Australian Federal Police Association


• UNOPAA: United Nations and Overseas Policing Association of Australia

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