The Biology of Trauma

An explanation of what happens in the body when we experience stress and how that relates to the ‘mind/body’ connection. We often think we can control the mind by being resilient however what really happens when the body does what it is build to do by our biological fight/flight/freeze stress response?

Burnout, the ingredients that cause stress

An outline of stressors that come with the job to assist in understanding why police are under the pump and the way triggers impact reaction versus response. This includes how the organization impacts police resilience.

The medical model verses person centred care

An explanation of the differences between psychiatry, psychotherapy and counselling to assist police and their families to understand the appropriate care to support their individual needs by making an informed choice.

Talking about Suicide

A sensitive conversation around suicidal ideation, which is an ultimate challenge for us all, how this can manifest and what to do if you, a family member, friend or colleague is struggling.

Reaching out for help

What are the options and how can we empower ourselves to live our best life.

Emotional awareness for managers

Information around how to identify and approach staff who are showing signs of burnout. A look at language and sensitivity when speaking with team members and how to use a person-centred approach rather than the penal system.

The role of Chaplains

An open discussion regarding the work of police chaplains and chaplaincy in general and how chaplains can be of support to serving and former police as well as how they assist and support families.  This can include assisting when mental health issues arise as well as family crises, relationship breakdown and where there is illness or a death in the family.